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Best wireless earphones in India 2020

Both bluetooth and leaps in microphone tech have made wireless earphones/earbuds a must have choice among the crowds

THe best wireless buds arenot the easiest thing to discover as there are numerous options having flooded the market.

There are some with options in recent years. But these great options like the one from Apple and Jabra are great products with high prices.

What are the best wireless earbuds?

IN this post we are going to go through several different earbuds and see which ones are better. The best ones all have excellent battery lives, sound great and reduce noise. Some of the more expensive ones can be used when swimming. THey are water and sweat proof.

The best ones rise to the list because they don’t go off when working out.

Jabra elite is one of the best ones you can find. Because they cancel noise really well, integrate with IOs and good controls., the airpods and jabra often go toe to toe.

One of the latest releases the Samsung Galaxy earbuds offer better battery life and is far above in terms of quality compared to others that are similarly priced. There are several standout features that make it stand apart as well.

Beats Powerbeats Pro is a pro model with great sound that evenly fits your ear as a sound o phile. The noise gets cancelled effectively.

Jabra Elite Active 75t

The size of Jabra elite is .8 by .7 by .6 and it weighs only a little. The battery life is for nearly 7.5 hours and comes with separate charging case.

It’s a bluetooth earphone with 30 feet of distance.

Here are the things that you need to decide and know about before committing to a purchase.

The wireless earbuds should comfortably fit your ears and shouldn’t be a whole load expensive.

Battery Standby/Music Time

In addition the wireless earbuds must use lithium ion batteries that are fully rechargeable.

The battery should have a great charge just based on a single charge.

You should listen to music for a long period with just one charge.

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is supposedly one of the best and most in demand features you want with your earphones. A noise cancelling headphone gives you music to listen to by cancelling out disturbances that happen to hamper the surroundings. That means all outside sound is blocked out.

Want to enjoy music in peace This is a must have feature.


The next thing top of your mind should be the bluetooth connectivity that comes with these earphones.

The bluetooth earphones should be compatible with your android or iOs smartphones.

THis should work correctly at even 30 metre. That means you can go around your house  and yet listen to your music


Music scarcely is a standalone activity.

The earbuds you are buying are available as small medium and large and should easily fit into your ears.

They’re supposed to provide you with a snuggle comfort fit.

Even when you work out or swim, these are not supposed to come off easily.

Also choose ones that are designed stylishly and also lightweight enough so they don’t make a weight on the ears.

The earphones should give you total control like volume up and down, power off button and answering rejecting calls. They should be operational with a touch of the button.

Wireless earphones also tend to spot and gain from voice assistants like Siri or Alexa.


Price is one of the biggest factors. Some are more expensive. Other brands priced around heavily are also worth it.

Sound Quality

The sound quality should also be great. Choose one that balances stereo and bass. The sound should be sync between left and right ear bud.s

Call handling

Another big feature is that you need to handle calls. Some buds can handle great switching between music and calls.

Here are all the best earphones you need

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

Established in 2010 its a chinese company best known for its phones. In addition it also produces laptops, apps, accessories and fitness bands to boot. It’s ann extremely popular brand in India because of the relatively inexpensive products it brings to the fore.

The accessories too inequality with the wireless bass headphones sporting a slick red and black color. The battery life of 20 hours has  powerful bass voice. With 40mm neodymium iron boron unit the sound is rich and deep.

The large voice coil is built with quality materials to deliver the voice you need.

Main Features

The earphones have behind them soundproof PU material. WHat it does is it doesn’t strain your ears any further as you listen to deep vocals. The ear muffs are comfortable while providing a buffer between the ears and listening experience.

When you move the head beam the advanced bluetoo covers a lot of range and allows you to stream music.

They are perfectly voice activated. If you want to listen to music and attend calls the headphones let you do that.

The battery life of 20 plus hours is splendid for anyone.

There are several features I like about the product.

Available both as wired earbuds and as wireless.

The device is compatible with other brands

THe plastic makes the headphones extremely durable.

They charge quickly.

With good noise cancellation comes great music

The headphones can not be folder

 No adapter one usb

PTron Bassbuds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Ptron is a great company established way earlier in India. THe Ptron bass buds are great wireless earbuds that have great components you won’t find elsewhere.

The headphones have some of the best quality sound that produce crystal clear audio.

You get music for 6 hours.

There are several features associated with Ptron headphones.

THe latest bluetooth technology bluetooth 5.0 powers this. The headphones make for a powerful pair between you and music.

The headphones are also known for their less power consumption and dual stereo calling.

The acoustic design and the hi fi stereo sound provide extremely good sounding bass thus its good for both gaming and hard rock lovers.

The presion headphone length cold have been longer but its limited to just 10 metres.

They instantly connect to ipad, iphone,mac as well as android tablets and smartphones.

Their ergonomic design ensures perfect canal fit so that you experience the best comfort.

With 100 hours of standby time you just know that the battery lasts long for you. The design forma factors are great.

They connect to most devices with bluetooth tech

There are several things we liked about the product

The headphones support 2 in 1 portable charging and has a storage case with 400mAh charging.

The compact size makes it easy to carry and charge wherever you are.

The tws earbuds are lightweight weighing an ultra low of 4 grams each.

The headphones are also affordable

Noise cancellation features.

The years get used to it and the pliable material means little to no pain

Around 1.5 hours to charge them.


Airdopes 311v2 True Wireless Earbuds

Boat is a pretty popular company known for manufacturing headphones and speakers of the finest quality. THe boat earbud is mid range buy. It’s classy and supports a lot of great features in and around.

The style packed design means the case is rechargeable. Lightweight and fitting the ear correctly you will have a hard time getting it to fall of

There are several great features

Comes with bluetooth 5 tech and the earpods are high speed music transfer and almost constant seamless music. The range is 10 metres or more.

The boat earbud has a great design and is nearly a fashion accessory.

The battery life is over 3.5 hours and that is what you get on a full charge. You can easily plug it in and keep listening to great music. The device has two earmuffs in addition if the one pair is damaged.

There are more things we like. HD audio quality with drivers the ear pods got ipx 5 certification meaning there’s water resistance. Go for jogging or swimming

You can take your calls handsfree

There’s also a voice assistant that can make the smartphone do staks.s

This has a microphone facility so you can avail of hands free calling without taking out your perform some tasks using this feature.

CONS (What we didn’t like)

No noise cancelling feature

CrossBeats Wave Waterproof Wireless Earphones

CrossBeats produces a big range of wireless high quality earphones. The beats wave produces high hd quality sound using a v4.1 edr bluetooth technology that gives you max range of 10 metre.

Moreover, it also provides a comfortable fit that allows you to wear the earbuds the entire day comfortably. It comes with a built-in mic and a cord clip to adjust the wire.

Main Features

It is a true HD wireless earbud that operates using the Bluetooth version V4.1+EDR.

The battery life extends over 9 hours and gets you a standby time of a record 240 hours. That’s golden.

The operating range is 10 m.

There’s also advanced cvc 6 noise cancellation powering up with IPX 7 waterproof.

The battery of 120 mah has a charging time of 1.5 hours.

With 12 months warranty you can use it and see how it feels and return within a year if you don’t like.

The ear tips fit small medium and large ears

The noise reduction fears start working from the ear tips blocking external sound.

The mic can help answer calls, pause calls music and play the music.

The carry bag provides storage for accessories along with chord clips.

boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Earphones

The boat Rockerz 255 is a popular lifestyle brand that deals with electronics like speakers, headphones, earphones, etc. It is the best choice for those who love bass music. It provides deep boosted bass in HD sound quality.

There are three exciting colors to choose from one’s Active Black, Neon, and Raging Red, which add to the overall look.

Main Features

The Boat Rockerz wireless earphones are powered by Qualcomm CSR8635 Chipset that provides high functionality to the model.

Bluetooth 4.1 isn’t the latest but is still better than most. The lithium ion polymer battery that is 100 mah requires just 10 minutes of charge and gives you over 45 minutes of music playtime. THe battery lasts for 6 hours or more.

It has an IPX-4 rating waterproof feature that protects your earphones from sweat or rain.

The earphone comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

There are several things we like about the model. The earphone is extremely lightweight and fits into a snug comfortable fit inside your ears. It’s made of quality premium materials providing a snug and comfortable fit.

It’s also sturdy and safe to use premium materials offering both style and sturdiness to the model.

THere are also control buttons to move the volume up or down, choose another track, attend to calls, and also integrate with voice assistants like Apple’s Siri or google now.

The mic obeys voice commands and lets you convey sounds through the phone conversation as well.

The hd sound provides a great bass.

No pounch 

Sound quality feels lacking.

Tagg Inferno, Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

The tagg inferno wireless earphones are a pretty good choice for everyday music listening. With it you can enjoy treble and bass actively. The 4.1 bluetooth is older but gives you good range. There’s also aptx and other cutting edge technology powering it up.

WIth a waterproof design that’s also guarding you against sweat, you’re getting a comfortable wear. Its durable and stylish and is also one of the best things you’re going to buy.

Equipped with high end CV 6 noise cancellation the earphones give you the best listening experience cancelling out sound from nearby areas.

The wireless earphones use The wireless earphones have an in-built Lithium-ion battery of 100 mAH, which provides a music time of 7 hours with a standby time of up to 180 hours.

The battery provides a talk time of 8-9 hrs.

The In-ear headphones come with an IPX4 Sweat/Dust/Splash Resistant design.

It comes with a 12-month replacement warranty.

There are several things we liked.

Bluetooth enabled.

It stays in place no matter the activity you’re engaged in.

The built in mic with great audio helps you tune into conversations and conduct phone calls.

THe nano coating is a great protection against sweat and wear and tear.

Xmate Gusto Lite in-Ear True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Xmate Gusto is one the leading true wireless bluetooth headphone makers in India. That retails and sells out completely on sites like Amazon. With access to accessories and great audio this is a must have for you.

The xmate gusto is premium quality true in ear wireless earphone. WOrking on latest bluetooth 5 technology you get a distance of more than 10 metres with it.

The coverage is ample.

The earbuds are 4 grams each in weight. With 400 mah magnetic charging case you get a quick charge for this and can also store this anywhere with relative ease.

With hd sound you get a full playback for 3 hours that takes a single charge of 1.5 hours or so.

THe differing sizes ensure comfortable fit every time you use it. Want a comfortable pair? This is the choice to make.

THere are several features we like

For instance the built in mic is great for clear phone talking.

The sturdy and stylish case is great for you.

The earbuds weigh just 4 grams.

The earphones come with a 400 mAh magnetic charging case with an LCD digital display.

The earbuds have a 50 mah lithium ion battery each. The earphones also work with Apple’s siri and other voice assistants.

You get a standby time of 180 hours

The package inncludes different sizes of earbuds. There are micro usb charging cables as well and there’s a years worth of warranty.

THe bluetooth 5 technology has great calling experience with dual stereo annd voice transfer. The noise cancellation feature is excellent providing you with clearnvoice. He charging case and design make the earphones travel friendly as well.

Sony – C400 Wireless in-Ear Headphone

The sony c400 wireless earphone ooperates on bluetooth 3.2 with near field communication enabled you need just one finger touch for connectingn.

The charge time is of 4.5 hours and the device gives you 20 hours of battery life music and talk time. There’s one 1 year manufacturer warratny

The neckband is comfortable.

Easy to use

Buttons for playign stopping or track skipping.

Adjust the volyme

A years warranty

The lightweight design with  a nneckband is super comfortable.

The earphones stay in place the neckband also has vibratio inside to place the earbuds in place.

Activate the smartphone when there’s a call.

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