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Best vegetable choppers in India MAY 2020

In this post we are going to look at several vegetable choppers in India and determine the best from the list for your vegetable chopping needs.

With a vegetable chopper in the kitchen, your hands will be free from the arduous task. Vegetable chopping will be much quicker and way easier.

The finely chopped vegetables are going to look good when you serve them.

Generally made of high-quality plastic, they last long and there are hundreds of options, even generic ones.

In the list below I’m going to highlight ones that are the best from the list.

Pigeon by Stovecraft

Pigeon by Stovecraft has a quality product. It’s a handheld chopper that cuts with the same skill both vegetables and fruits.

It’s a good appliance for any kitchen.

In addition it’s super easy to clean. Ooops did you drop it. No worries. It’s easy to clean and made of unbreakable ABS material. That means it’s going to last long in your kitchen.

With 3 blade design made of stainless steel it doesn’t rust. The pulley function makes cutting fruits and vegetables an easy to do task.

With a container, the device can hold up to 3 vegetable cups.

Also the device is mess free in the kitchen and during the chopping because the vegetables don’t go haywire spread out.

The three blades cut cut through nuts in few seconds. Made of stainless steel they are power packed. With the handle your grasp on the object is easy and strong. The design makes it a cool addition to kitchens.

Solimo vegetable chopper

Solimo is an Amazon basics company which means Amazon is the brand behind them. That itself should assure us of quality.

With half a cup capacity you can hold and chop small amounts of vegetables. But the small and portable size is a cool factor if you’re in for outdoorsy events.

The capacity might be enough for hosting 3 to 4 people for a one time meal.

It sports a pull string model.

It sports a basic design with strong handlebars that is somewhat durable.

The plastic is unbreakable and is used for toughened and rough use as well. With the lock system only when the vegetables are inside annd its firmly locked does it begin chopping.

Prestige Plastic vegetable chopper

Prestige is world famous for its products ecpeically home appliances.

WIth the plastic vegeetables chopper you have a pulley model at work. The performance is great.

It’s available in as 4 differennt models differing in the capacity, the design and the chopper cup volumes.

The plastic model is first. With the second model has a half litre capacity

Tgird model is small with just 350ml and basic design.

The 500ml model should be apt for you daily needs and for chopping up vegetables of all sizes and shapes.

With the four different models available at hand the good news is you can chop up both small quantiies and large quantieis. I have seen people keeping two different varaitns in their kitchen.

Since there’s no need of electricity, manual chopping is done and over in a few seconds.

It’s  safe tool because the blade always remains away from us. Even children can use without fear or problem. Plus even if your child bites or licks it no problem The chemicals are free of toxicity like ABA

Novel vegetable dicer

Novel vegetable choper integrates 6 chop and dice functions.

THere’s chopping plate and underneath is a box that stows the fruits and vegetables that fall into it.

Place the vegetables on the plate. APply pressure when closing the box and voila the chopped bits and pieces start falling into the storage box just below.

The different chooper plates are as follows: there’s a slicer, a scrubber and a grater.

The grater can be pulled apart and used as a standalone article.

The body is fully made of plastic. The blades are only stainlessless steel. Hower because of the concsution and design ou don’t get the same results and string pulley. It’s also not safe for childeren.

It’s easy to wash and maintainn.


Wonderchef vegetable chopper embodies a food processor in the garb of a chopper.

The product comes from a family of turstwothyapplainces.

With the device you can mix and porcess fod materials after placing them inside

You can also slide and mince meat and vegetale.s

The storage capacity is 500 ml and there are two turn handles and 4 settings to choose from that lets you chop and mix food.

The settings are helpful to determine if you want the cuts to be big or rather small.

WHen you switch the settings you can finely dice the vegetables and choose a higher speed, mxiing or mincing. COmes a year of gurantee and it’s great for chopping and mincing things.

FAQs around vegetable choppers

Do you even need a vegetable chopper?

Honestly, that’s up to you. If you want to save time on everyday tasks in the kitchen, the vegetable chopper is for you.

1)How useful is vegetable chopper. Or Is a vegetable chopper easy

Vegetable chopping requires no less amount of patience and work.

With a chopper you bring a lot of automation to it. Plus the choppers are unbreakable and made of stainless steel blades. They go on without complaining for years to come.

2) Can a vegetable chopper be used as a blender?

An electrical vegetable chopper can also double up as a blender. It’s a good way to puree your veggie and make a juice out of them. However it’s best to use a dedicated blender for this.

3) How are a vegetable grater and a vegetable chopper different?

A grater fines your vegetable into thin slices. Almost powdery. A slicer cuts it into thin slices and you don’t need big set up for that.

4) Are vegetable choppers and food processors the same?

Vegetable choppers process food but the two are vastly different in functionalites. A food processor is ideal when you wannt to puree, make a juice or process large amounts quickly.


A vegetable chopper comes in handy in your kitchen.

The pigeon mini plastic chopper is one of the best in the list.

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