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Best TV wall Mount Reviews and Buyer Guide

The evolution of televisions from bulky big machines that took up a lot of space to lightweight thin screens took a long time. A lot had to happen for that. Semiconductors had to become more powerful, picture tubes had to change shape, and eventually the technology that granted us moving had to change to something new.

Many years after Braid invented the first tv with cathode ray tubes came LED and LCD tvs.

With these slick tvs comes the choice of mounting them on a wall since they are no longer extremely heavy and don’t necessarily require a flatbed surface. Instead of placing them over a table or rack, you can fixate them on a wall.

After reading this guide not only will you be able to understand what options are available in the market today but also which one suits you the most.

What is a TV mount?

A TV mount is a wall mount on which a tv can be securely placed. It’s secured in its location with screws and studs so that the TV doesn’t fall of. They keep the tv secure at one place and don’t shake easily.

Other than saving valuable space, mounting also improves the aesthetics of your home. Who doesn’t want a better looking home?

What are the different types of available mounts?

There are different kinds of mounts available. Based on your needs you can choose one that suits you best.

There are 3 basic types of mounts— Fixed, Tilting and Articulating. Generally fixed mounts are the cheapest and articulating mounts the highest priced.

Fixed Mount: It’s the most basic design. This mount doesn’t allow the television to move at all. It’s fixed at one place. In this arrangement, the TV sits flat against the wall.

Tilting Mount: With the tilting mount you can adjust the viewing angle of the TV. It makes for more comfortable viewing. Typically the viewing angle can be shifted by about 15 degrees vertically.

Articulating Mount: This is also known as a cantilevered mount or bracket. You can tilt and swivel the TV left and right. Also some mounts can be extended from the wall and pushed back when necessary.

How to Choose a TV wall Mount?

You may be confused on how to choose the best tv mount. There are a plethora of options available— cheap ones, expensive ones, articulating, tilting etc. In order to come to a decision here are the factors that you need to consider.

1.      Consider the layout, seating and overall arrangement of the room

The seating arrangement, the number of people who watch the TV at once and from the position they watch are all important elements to consider before deciding on a mount.

If there are several people involved then a more flexible mount might be better. A mount that can be extended from the wall would be the best fit. You also need answers to questions like— what height would be the best for all people to watch conveniently, will light from nearby windows create problem, on which wall should the mount be positioned and so on.

There is also another factor to consider. People don’t always watch tv from one position. If the dining table is nearby then would the current fixed position be enough?

Should the angle of the tv be adjusted for people to be able to conveniently watch from both the sofa and the dining table? If not, consider getting a tilting mount.

2.      Consider the weight of the TV

An inexpensive mount might not support a tv weighing over a few pounds. The cheap plastic would buckle under the pressure. Eventually the tv would fall from the height and shatter to smithereens.

If the weight of the TV exceeds the maximum weight the mount can hold then you’re inviting a lot of trouble. Not only could the tv fall and shatter but it would also damage the flooring and surrounding furniture if any. Always to be sure to check the same.

3.      Consider the size of the television

There are many mounts that support televisions of a smaller screen width. Screen width is measured in inches and is the diagonal length of the screen. The market has been progressing from small sized 19 to 32 inch tvs to bigger and bigger screens. There are even 84inch televisions available today and mounts that can support tvs of that screen size.

4.      Check VESA compatibility

Most television manufacturers follow a standard system of screw patterns called the VESA. Likewise most mounts are VESA compatible. Do check if your mount is VESA compatible. If that’s not so it might not be compatible with any television or most tvs.

5.      Take care while installation is in progress

Do not try to hack the installation to somehow make it fit. Fitting the mount by isn’t recommended under any circumstances. A mount that has been meddled with, may not last long and eventually cause great distress.


VideoSecu MW380B2 Articulating Full Motion TV Mount

VideoSecu’s Articulating Full Motion mount has many more features than its fixed mount version we’ll be seeing below.

It can support LCD and LED displays between 37 and 70 inches and hence is a good fit for large screens. It’s constructed with high gauge steel and will not easily buckle under pressure. This kind of steel is durable and can last for years.

Compared to the fixed mount version, this one supports up to 165 pounds. So, there’s no fear of the tv falling down. Most tvs have a much lower weight and as such it could support most tvs.

It’s needless to mention that the mount can be used to tilt the tv. The maximum angle for tilt is 15 degree forward and 5 degree backward. Dual arms allow 160 degree swivel.  The ease of rotation makes it easy for the TV to be positioned from portrait mode to landscape mode. The articulating arm allows the tv to be repositioned to and from the wall.  The arm extends quite easily and additionally bends at the base. Loosening the screws at the base makes it easy for to bend and twist. The construct feels rich on your hands. The folded arm distance is 3 inches. When the articulating arm is extended, the tv can be positioned at around 25 inches from the wall.

The range allows it to be positioned any way from the wall.


  • Constructed with good quality steel
  • Supports up to 165 pounds
  • Full motion articulation


VideoSecu LCD LED Monitor TV Wall Mount Ultra Thin Mount Bracket

This is a no frills TV wall mount. It’s a basic fixed wall mount without any additional features like support for tilt or articulation. It’s lightweight too.

It’s one of the best brackets available today that you can use to hang tvs ranging in size from 19 to 32 inches.

Another feature is that it is VESA compliant. Such mounts support almost all kinds of televisions from hundreds of different manufacturers worldwide.

The accepted range of screen size is from 19 inches to 32 inches and the accepted weight limit is 80 pounds. It could also support 42 inch tvs provided they meet the weight requirement (under 80 pounds) and VESA requirements. If your TV complies with the aforesaid conditions then VideoSecu would be a great fit.

Installation is a breeze. You need to first fix the arm on the television and then fix the plate on the wall relative to it and you are done.

Being so thin there’s not much space between the wall and the tv. This could in some cases cause problems when handling wires/cables at the back.



  • An affordably priced mounts.
  • Super easy installation
  • May not last very long. It’s not the most durable.


  • Fixed mount, so no additional features




ECHOGEAR Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount Bracket

This universal TV Wall Mount from Echogear supports tv’s ranging from 37 inches to 70 inches.

It can support a weight up to 132 pounds. However they have been tested for far higher weights as well.

Installing the mount is a breeze with the easy set of instructions at hand. The mount can be tilted for up to 15 degrees. As an articulating mount, it can swivel for up to an angle of 150 degrees. On extending from the wall the maximum distance it can go to is 16 inches.

The product comes with VESA compatibility and will work with almost any tv in addition to sporting a 5 year warranty.

The bolts and screws come in the box and if it isn’t compatible with the wall it shouldn’t be too hard to procure some on your own.


Mounting Dream MD2298 Premium TV Wall Mount Bracket with Full Motion Articulating Arm

Mounting Dream’s MD2298 model Mount supports 42 to 70 inch displays weighing 132 pounds.

The stud plate is ideal for both 16 inch and 24 inch spacing. This is a unique feature since most brackets only support 16 inch spacing.

Tilt motion is 15 degree forward and 5 degree backward. Swivel angle is 45 degree which is a bit lower than others we have seen so far.

Folded arm distance is 2.5 inch and extended arm is 18.5 inch which enables maximum viewing.

Once you have positioned the plate horizontally, secure the plate in its place with screws. Choose the right screws when positioning the TV brackets on the back so that the TV sits secured.

Hang the tv on the wall plate and finally tighten the safety screws so that everything’s secured and in place.


  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Fully articulated motion with good range

Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount

The Sanus VMPL3-B holds LCD and LED displays ranging from 24 to 84 inches as per the stated technical specifications. This is one of the most expensive mounts but not without reason. Built with heavy duty steel gauge this beast easily supports up to 280 pounds.

The finishing is powder coated so that the color doesn’t wear off with time.

It attaches to three 16 inch wall studs which is a feature some sorely need. If you are one among those who need that feature, then Sanus VMPL3-B isn’t going to disappoint.

Inside the box you will get two types of brackets— one for fixed mount and the other for tilting mount.


  • Heavy duty mount which can support up to 280 pounds


  • The package has screws of different sizes- short and long that aren’t very useful.


Sanus Full-Motion TV Wall Mount

Sanu’s Full motion mount holds displays ranging from 37 inches to 80 inches weighing up to 125 pounds.

The mount provides 120 degree of swivel rotation with 15 degree of tilting angle.

It can be extended up to 18 inches from the wall.

With built in cable management getting tangled in the wires won’t be an issue at all.

Overall, it’s a sturdy build with good range.


Sanus Advanced Tilt Premium TV Wall Mount Bracket

SANUS VLT6 advanced tilt mount holds displays ranging from 46 to 90 inches.

The weight limit is 150 pounds.

Even though it’s not an articulating mount, it provides extension up to 5.7 inches. With large tvs in the range of say 60 to 90 inches, they often hit the wall when tilting, preventing it from achieving the maximum angle of tilt. This can be a bummer with other mounts.

But with Sanus VLT6, the mount extends from the wall thus preventing the problem from occurring to a large extent.


So there you have read the review of the best tv wall mounts. Each one has a separate set of features that make it unique from the rest. Some want 3 stud mounts, while for others heavy duty material is the prime candidate.

You are going to buy a mount probably only once. Make it count.

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