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May 24, 2020
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Best sneakers in India 2020

As a jogger in India or simply someone who loves staying fit, you might have always wanted sneakers for you.

Fear not, because this list covers the best possible sneakers money can buy.

Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas stan smith is easily the most expensive pair in this list. It may cost upwards of 8000 rs but it is simply one of the best pairs to own. You can even wear Stan Smith to a wedding if you so wish.

It goes with a t shirt and knickers as well as suits and boots.

It’s a class white pair that is one of the most successful brands in India and sets you like royalty.


The top on the list are sneakers from converse. The chuck taylors are one of the best sneakers that provide you value for money.

They have a simple design and it’s a long-time classic that goes readily with both formal and informal wear. If you want to make a style statement, these are the footwear you need to purchase.

These sneakers are available in a variety of bold colors that don’t go bad during the normal walk or running. The prices are around 1500 to 2000 and sometimes higher depending on the time of the year when you purchase.

There are two options for purchase, the first one being high top and second one being low top.

The low-tops are more apt for everyday wear.

2. Vans Authentic

Next in our list is another classic called the Vans Authentic. It sports an elegant and cool design that’s easy to pair up with everyday wear.

The classic vans are one of the best you can buy. It’s also a budget shoe available in many colors but your best choice might be white or black.

Vans Oldskool

Vans Old skool is another trending sneaker. With a simple subtle design you can stand out from the crowd. It’s crowd puller and pulls in much of the classic design.

Start with this sneaker. It’s really expensive. But since it’s so popular it generally runs out of quantity and you may need to wait a bit before it runs out of stock.

You can get the white, maroon or black. All three are great choices.

UCB Sneakers

Next up in our list are UCB sneakers which are slightly more expensive but still one of the best pairs you can lay hands on.

It’s a budget shopper’s dream costing around 2k

The quality of the shoes is great meaning they’re going to last you a pretty long time.

The price which you’re paying for it ensures you’re paying for top quality and that means you’re not going to suffer after purchasing this.

Nike Sneakers

NNike offers a wide range of pricing for sneakers which usually start at Rs 3000. You can get sneakers for 10 k or more as well.

It doubles up for jogging and cycling and also for sporting the business look. The design is standard and doesn’t go out of fashion soon. You get the best looks with the black sneakers.

Roadster  Sneaker

YOu might have seen roadster t-shirts. While they are known for quality material.

If your budget limited Roadster sneaker provides something of significant quality is well designed and is simply great for the price it comes. There are two options one that costs 8000 and another mid tier budget at 4000

You can choose this option if you have a great budget.

There’s also one priced lower at around 2000.

Adidas continental 80

Adidas continental is another sneaker pair that is much beloved. We already saw Stan smith. There are other options like the Yeezy Calabasas or the continental 80 which too are great choices.

It’s a great pair of white sneakers that sports a lifelong great design that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.

They are available for around 8000 rs.

Puma Puma is always at the forefront of creating great designs. The selection of sneakers you buy greatly depends on your own needs.

There’s a variety of price ranges appealing to anyone

The popular ones are puma thunder, desert puma, icra trainer, sd puma, and core puma tsugi.

Fila is a globally recognized italian brand with a penchant for great design. The stores are created across the world.. The popular sneaker are available for under 8k for both men and women.

Women’s Skyline-Surefire SneakersSkechers Women’s Burst – Equinox Sneakers7. 

Reebok  Reebok is a well known brand in India. If you have ever seen the woodland sneakers and shoes know that they come fromthe parent company reebok. You can selct formals, ankle boots, calf length boots and hiking shoes depning on what you need best.

MAX Sneakers For MenREEBOK ROYAL SHADOW Sneakers For Men9. Levis A pair of Levis Sneakers can amp up your style quotient. Levis is also known for its jeans. Levis Sneakers are perfect for daily as well as casual use. The padded soles give total comfort padded soles that is why Levis is a brand for all ages.Price Range: Rs. 1,399 – Rs. 3,999

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