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Best refrigerators in India 2020

This guide is dedicated to helping you choose the best refrigerators in India. Refrigerators are the type of appliance you buy once and stick with for several years together.

LG260 is one of the better brands available in India. They produce some of the best quality appliances in the world.

LG is something that’s energy efficient so that the power saving bills over time reduce a lot of your electricity bill Plus it’s one of the only refrigerators in India that can run on an inverter.

The power savings rating is 4.5 which is the highest it goes.

The 260 litre capacity indicates that there’s plenty of space for running an entire family’s different needs

It’s completely frost free

The power consumption is low

With 190 units per year the savings are large

The double for you means there’s a separate door for the freezer box and for the items to store in the fridge.

With energy efficiency of 4 star you get higher power savings.

There are 3 shelves for everyday use

One of the shelves at the bottom is for storing veggies

There’s a rack for storing bottles and another small rack for storing jams and pickles.

There’s an egg tray

1 egg tray

Number of shelves freezer has

An ice-tray box

With the ice tray box there’s a shelf to store meat and fish. There are also side racks to store ice cream and desserts

You don’t need an external stabilizer to maintain and oversee voltage fluctuations. The internal stabilizer is good enough

Smart Features

The inverter compressor motor is one its kind in India. The motor adjusts the temperature according to the load and outside temperature.

You also save on 48% of energy consumed.

The operation runs smoothly during power cuts Even if you connect it to the refrigerator.

every corner is cool and keeps food fresh for longer.

For the vegetable box since vegetables need to be kept fresh it maintains a cool moisture inside that box.

There’s also a humidity controller that maintains the humidity inside the refrigerator.

The smart diagnosis center helps your oversee problems

There’s a 10 year warranty on the compressor motor and 1 year on product.


You save on bills

It’s good for medium family

Can operate without stabilizers

The egg tray is small. While most trays can hold up to 10 eggs, this one taps it out at 6

2. Samsung 253Litre Double Door Refrigerator

SAMSUNG253 Samsung double door refrigerator is one that goes toe to toe with the model above. They save energy and are also cost-effective at the same time.

With the inverter compressor motor, both have optimum functioning Samsung and the LG refrigerator are both equally good.

Samsung has a better designed door handle and that’s the reason why it looks better.

The capacity is different though.

The other difference is compared to the above model; this one is a 3 star model. Even though the ordinary capacity is 253 litres, there’s an option to convert the freezer into storage. The freezer is 69 litres and that means if converting it you get a total capacity of 300 litres pls.

Still its good for nuclear family

The power consumption is low at 196units a year

So it saves electricity.

4 easy-slide shelves

There are 4 side shelves

One for a vegetable box 

Another for keeping big bottles

There’s one for keeping jam and sauce and 

And next one for keeping 


There are racks made of tempered glass that will hold up to 150kg.

The stabilizer can hold voltage fluctuations to a good degree.

What are the standout features?

There are several features: digital inverter technology means you use very little power. Based on the amount of food and inbuilt sensing temperature, it changes the consumption.

The digital display helps you choose from  different models of selection

The power tech quickly chills food and drinks at a rate 31% faster than usa.

The multiple vents available ensures that the temperature iscontstain throughout.

The refrigerator can also work on inverter power.

If the door isn’t fully shut there’s an alarm to warn you.

Warranty and Services

1 year warranty on the product. 10 years on compressor motor.

The pros with the product

There are several features associated with the product

The inverter compressor saves electricity

The modes of temperature are digital 

4 star rating


Absence of door locking mechanism 

Comparatively smaller door lock mechanism.

3. Haier 320Litre Double Door Refrigerator

Haier is a great company behind all the mini-refrigerators in the world. It sports some of the best cooling features.

With the 320L model there are some unique aspects that are way different to it from other similarly priced models. For instance the freezer is shutted down to the bottom.

The capacity is huge and I feel it is sufficient even if you have a large family with 6 members.

With frost free settings you shouldn’t have any fear regarding how the refrigerator works.

The power consumption is high because of the higher capacity around it. Currently the power consumption sits at 400 units annually

The energy efficiency puts it at par with a Samsung refrigerator at 3 stars which is good. You should also think of the the sheer capacity

Here are the details of the shelves:

3 shelves

2 side shelves for drinks and small jars

A bottle tray

 Are gular tray 

A large tray for vegetables

1 large box to store small food items

No of shelves in Freezer

Ice maker box

THe ice maker is there to store meat and fish

You can also keep other items

With toughened glass there’s no need to worry about breaking


It has an in-built stabilizer. It protects the compressor from voltage fluctuations from 135 to 300 Volts. However, if the voltage falls down below 135 you may consider buying a separate stabilizer.

Smart Features

As mentioned before it has some of the best cooling and user-friendly features.

The freezer mounted at the bottom decrease the need for bending

See normally you use the top part of any fridge the most and the ice box only rarely >According to research on the subject 90% of people tend to behave this manner.

The freezer temperatures can be brought to -5 degree in 60 mins meaning things freeze quicker

The cold air is circulated within the container equally. All areas get the same amount of cooling.

WIth power cut backup the chilliness is kept inside the fridge for up to 10 hours.

2-times Bigger Vegetable Box sores double amount of vegetables and fruits

Big Freezer Compartment86 liters capacity freezer can store weekly meat, fish, a bunch of ice-creams, desserts, etc.

Warranty and Services

You have a 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor. If not like L.G and Samsung Haier still offers good after-sales service to their customers.


320 liters big capacity at an affordable price

The 320 litres is the combined capacity of the icebox and the fridge as a whole. So comparatively the big feature isn’t really that big

The ice box has two cabinets. With the top cabinet divided by a partition.

The bottom freezer is big and keeps food fresh.

The fridge as a whole has a cooling mechanism

There’s a dc inverter compressor getting ice from the icebox is a simple matter of twisting the ice ox.

The vegetable box is twice as big as usual

The design is cool


The service depends on the area you’re living in. While samsung has service centers in all nooks and corners in India, the same is not the case with Haier.

Few service centers in rural areas

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4. Whirlpool 265Litre Double-Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 265 Whirlpool is mostly famous for making washing machines. But they make equally good refrigerators. Personally for me what I find eye catching about whirlpool is their matte finish and slick looks.

Probably that’s why these products are never cheap- they have a dominant presence in your kitchen. For those impressed by design and looks Whirlpool is your first choice.

The refrigerator has a capacity of 265 litres enough for a family of four.

The refrigerator is completely frost free. The freezer can be easily converted to storing normal things when you run out of space.

Low power consumption.

The power consumption is low for a device of this capacity with just 190 units annual consumption. That makes the appliance highly efficient.

The appliance is rated 4 stars

The double doors ensure that the freezer is separate.

No of shelves in fridge

There’s a vegetable tray, a bottle rack one for storing small bottles and another for bigger ones. There’s one for storing eggs and butter.

Ice making box

Ice-cream zone

2 racks to store frozen food items


The stabilizer bears voltage fluctuations to a great degree ranging from 160 to 300 volts and can even operate at 160 volts.

Smart Features

There are several features I like about the appliance. With the inverter technology for the motor, you can be assured that the appliance dynamically adjusts load based on several factors: ambient weather, usage and other things. This implies the appliance saves you lots of energy

With digital control it’s easy to adjust inner temperature settings. There are 5 different modes to choose from.

Once there’s power failure if connected to an inverter the appliance will start taking power from that.

In addition there’s zeolite technology that prevents fruits and vegetables from going bad.

Almost every fridge claims to have something going that prevents food from being spoiled but I feel that zeolite has something that others don’t

In addition the purported microblock technology works in your favor to prevent microbial growth, keeping food fresh and without spoilage.

With air vents in every shelf the cool air gets distributed evenly throughout every nook and corner.

As usual, a year’s warranty on product and 10 years for motor.

There are several things I like about the appliance

To sum up the convertible refrigerator gives you additional space

There’s a 5 mode display and control mechanism

There’s power consumption of 190 units.

Zeolite tech that prevents hormone change

It’s More expensive

5. BPL 564Litre Side-by-Side Refrigerator

THe side by side refrigerators give you ample space for storage.

BPL may not be the most widely known names in the world of refrigerators but they fit within your budget.

This is a pretty cheap refrigerator available in the market.

One of the reasons for its low cost is because it doesn’t use inverter technology.

The savings on the model aren’t offset by the increased electricity consumption.

Especially so because the refrigerator comes with 564 litres capacity which is huge. I guess it can accomodate a family of 7. Even for commercial kitchens that do a lot of cooking and batch-prepare items this one is something to use.

Frst free. It consumes nearly double the units consumed by other refrigerators.

BEE ratings aren’t issues for side-by-side refrigerators.

Since the area is so huge the number of shelves are proportionate

In total there are five shelves

With 2 big vegetable boxes.

A wine holding rack and 2 egg trays

Freezer 2 has 5 shelves with 2 storage boxes and 3 racks made with toughened unbreakable galls.

It needs a stabilizer.

With a refrigerator that’s comparatively so cheap, you’d never expect LED buttons for temperature settings. The fact is—it uses LED buttons instead of manual push buttons.

Comes with a water dispense which gives ready access to cool water from the outside without opening the fridge. With these heavy summer days, this could be a welcome feature for all of us

The quick cool feature takes the fridge to turbo mode cooling food faster

=There Are also the quick freeze feature turning water to ice in minutes

With airflow vents for each shelf the air circulates and reaches everywhere inside the shelves.

THe compressor motor won’t make sound.

The warranty is limited to just 5 years for the motor. This is perhaps the worst highlight of the appliance.


The highlights are outside

Water dispenser

564 mammoth capacity

LEd buttons


High energy consumption

The biggest con is the low warranty period coupled with the fact that the fridge is power eater.

6. LG 687 Litre Side-by-Side Refrigerator

LG687 is a side by side refrigerator and is expensive. It’s a good addition to your homes if you want fridges to be eye candy.

There are several features because they help you make the right decision.

WIth a mammoth capacity of 686 litres

Frost free refrigerator and only slightly high energy consumption considering the capacity, this is a must have

A side by side door.

There are 2 vegetable boxes with 3 racks for bottles

The chiller boxx, bigge racks and stabilizer make up for the rest of the space in the freezer/

WIth the inbuilt stabilizer you have relatively good operation.

There are several types of inverter compressors. But this one is the best with inverter linear compressor. 10% additional savings and noise reduction

With andit bacatercal dederaization it eliminates all unpleasant odor.

With sensors it can sense warm food. Gone are the days when you couldn’t place hot food inside that. Automatically speeds up the motors.

WIth smart functions it can be controlled from anywhere

There’s also a diagnosis center to find out what’s wrong and fix the same

687 liters of huge capacity

Low energy consumption

In-built stabilizer

Plenty of smart features


Expensive model

Lacks water dispensers

Single door or mini refrigerators

7. Haier 195Litre Single-Door Refrigerator

Haier 196 litre single door refrigerator is affordable and comes with 5 star rating

The capacity is however small at 195 litres.

It has an inverter compressor motor and small capacity.

Just Under 159 units a year with manual defrost settings.

in the whole refrigerator market in India.

Energy saving single door refrigerators.

No. of Shelves in Fridge

3 glass shelves 

1 chill box’

Box tray 

Bottle tray

2 racks to store cheese curd butter and jam

1 bottle tray

2 racks for storing cheese, curd, butter, jam, etc

2 egg trays


WWith the stabilizer in-built stabilizer. It can handle a wide range of voltage fluctuations from 135 to 290 Volts.

Smart Features

The inverter compressor motor helps save you a lot of electricity. The models are also priced at a premium generally. Not this one.

Get ice cubes under the hour.

WIth condenser coils and PFU insulation you get to keep the air sealed and make ice faster

There’s also an anti fungal gasket which is real and washable to prevent fungal growth and odor.

THe freezer lets you store ice cream desserts and other things.You can also lock the freezer separately.

Comes with 1-year warranty on the product and 10 years on the compressor motor.


8. LG 190LitreSingle Door Refrigerator

Every LG product is of great quality even this fridge is.

It has a quality rating on Amazon. It’s however expensive and is also an energy hog.

The capacity is 190 litres.

Direct cool refrigerator requires manual defrosting from your end.

THe annual power consumption is slightly higher than the Haier model at 164 units.

There are few different shelves 

A vegetable box and bottle racks

There’s also an egg track

There are boxes for storing butter and cheese.

There’s a stabilizer that manages functions from100 to 300 volts.

The compressor saves your current bill and you can also adjust temperatures as per the load. There’s a base stand that slides out. You get to make ice cubes in one and half hour. The special feature is the moist n fresh feature that locks the evaporating moisture keeping vegetables fresh and lasting for longer.

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