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The Best Laundry Detergent

In this post we’re going to review laundry detergents and see which one is the best among the pack.


Liquid vs. Powder vs. Single Packs

You may be spoilt for choice between liquid detergent, powdered form or single pods. Based on your experience washing clothes you may tend to find one better over the other.

Since liquid detergents have the most advertising wheels spinning behind them, they’re the most popular and pretty much the first choice for anyone.

Despite the popularity, liquid solutions suffer from one critical shortcoming. Being liquid most people over measure the quantity and use more than necessary. If overuse was the only problem I wouldn’t have mentioned it. Not only does this result in quick spend of the liquid solution but leaves a heavy soapy residue and smell in your clothing. This could require another wash just to get rid of the residue. And for some the lingering smell isn’t the issue. The soapy residue causes their skin to itch and rash up.

However, if you’re clear cut on the usage there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get hold of them.

Powdered packs.

Powdered packs are comparatively cheaper.

There are quality powdered packs available that you can use for day to day washing.

Single serving pod packs are expensive but are convenient but in terms of taking measurements and using.

HE vs. Non-HE

Some detergents have an HE label written over them which means they’re high efficient. As such they’re compatible with high efficiency washers.


Detergents may use a variety of fragrances. And you might be inclined to choose one based on its smell. However, fragrances can also act as allergens and irritate the skin.

If so, instead of going by scents use unscented soaps.

Tested Stain Lifting

Stain removal is another feature you might look for despite the fact that most of us take care of our clothes even during parties and outdoor wear not to fill it with stains. Still coffee and other beverage stains are likely to happen from time to time. Detergents may be able to lift some of those stains but every detergent isn’t going to ace this.


How to use it?

There’s always one problem with detergent use. We tend to use too much of it.

There’s one thing most of us do as well: we use too much detergent.

This often leaves soap residue which can be allergic and smelly but it results in unnecessary expenditure.

Even if you’re experienced, switching to a high-efficiency machine can result in wrong measurements.

Many of these cups have lines contained within them for the different sizes of loads, as a general rule a “medium” load is actually six-to-seven pounds of clothing.

If you’re having trouble reading off the cup, which is true especially for opaque ones, mark them with a Sharpie or other permanent pen. The ink will resist the soap and the marks will let you know for sure where the lines are.

Soaps which are marketed with the HE symbol are usually quite concentrated so check the concentration to make sure you’re not overdosing your washer.


Pre-soaking Clothing

Pre-soaking is recommended for clothing that’s dirty or even slightly dirty. Given the detergent longer time to act on the laundry can help clean out the dirt.

Most washing machines come with a pre-set function for soaking and allow 20 to 1 hour of soaking and automatically start the cycle. I don’t recommend soaking in a bucket because then you have to pick the clothes all wet and messy by hand and put into the washer.

Spot Cleaning

Spot washing is another recommended method and can remove stains too. You can pre clean stains by rubbing against it with a detergent and see if you can get it cleaned. Even a large portion would be ok.

Now this may seem like taking things a bit too far but if your laundry load isn’t too much this kind of cleaning is really good for stain removal.

what you can do about it using Google. Most things can be removed, provided that you’re careful about the application of different cleaners.

Check Your Clothing

Every clothing manufacturer lists a particular set of instructions that you can follow on washing clothes. Some aren’t washing machine friendly and require hand wash. Checking the label is often enough to prolong the life of your clothes.

Take a good look at the labels of anything you haven’t washed before you decide to throw it in the washer and follow the manufacturer’s directions for the best results. If it says wash cold… wash it cold. That sort of thing.

It’s not rocket science, but it can be a saving grace for some of your more expensive clothing.


The best laundry detergent is one that fits the bill of your individual needs.

Follow the laundry washing techniques listed here to remove tough stains and prolong the life of your clothes. That’s pretty much everything you require.

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