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Best inverters in India 2020

Best inverters in 2020 India

Do you know whats the best reason to use inverters? 

Peace of mind.

There I said it. With inverters you don’t have to plan your work around power cuts which happen all too often in India.

You can rest assured that the inverter has your back through all kinds of emergencies.

Remote area supply inverters are used in rural areas where there’s no other way of power generation. Power is sent to the inverter batteries through a combination of techniques like solar and water. For inverters, here’s the best list of inverter batteries you can buy.

Grid tie inverters are connected to your electricity network. If you lose power the inverter kicks in supplying electricity.

Whenever you choose inverters always go for pure sine wave inverters. That’s the wave our appliances are built to operate on. And if not used correctly they go bad.

Luminous 1100

This is a smart inverter. 

What differentiates Luminous from other inverters are its true sine wave and you can connect many appliances at once and it will still deliver.

There are several features I like about Luminous

You get the power backup displayed in hours and minutes

The running load is 3 cfls, 3 tubes and 3 ceiling fans with a television and cooler.

There’s an indicator level showing when you need to add battery water.

Two years warranty for he product

The product gives you a min 8 hours of backup time.


Different batteries like flat and tubular are supported.

The low harmonic distortion means it will continue delivering output without much issues.

THe plastic material looks flimsy

Inside is made of aluminium wiring

Sukam 1000va inverter

Established in India in 1998, Sukam is one of the best inverter companies in India. Not only inverters, they produce a large number of useful products for everyday use.

Su-Kam Falcon Eco 1000va is affordable and a great inverter.

Operating on a single battery it’s ideal for both off-grid solar operations as well as normal inverter for home use.

It’s a hybrid inverter and that’s its greatest feature.

Double functioning as both ups and inverter this is ideal for places with erratic voltage supply. Charges batteries even at low inputs as well.

input too.

Comes with a year of warranty

The special eco mode means the inverter charges itself even at low voltage.

Wth 6 stage battery charging the overall efficiency of charging increase battery life by30%

 12 months warranty.

  • There is a smart led panel with five indicators.
  • Microtek international limited is the largest product manufacture of relevant solutions like power back up voltage, solar panels wires and cables
  • k International Private Limited is the leading company that is certified with ISO 9001- 

It features an intelligent design control. You get to switch from mains to ups and ups to mains instanalty Total load is 5 ceiling fans, five lights and 2 ts making it one of the best load takers.

Ith the auto reset feature there’s a 12v single battery

and 12V single battery.

Vguard inverter

Vguard inverters are the industry icons of India. But due to being assembled all over the world, the parts don’t always stick together. This was told to me by a friend who’s an electrician and expert at these things.

V guard industries started in 1977 and is today a leading manufacturer of all kinds of appliances. The idea behind the company was one man’s vision of creating a voltage stabilizer that stemmed the effects of Kerala’s erratic current supply

With a range of products from solar inverters, to tablizers and batteries, and cooktops and grinders, V guard is a household name today.

Prime 1150 is a heavy duty inverter from V-guard. There are several features associated with it like battery water refill alerts, high performance switches, battery gravity builder. It’s also compatible with batteries in the range of low 80 to 230AH.

With this high capacity you can run tvs fans, coolers, inverters, refrigerators, grinders etc. all from the convenience of your own home.

Main Features

V guard is a sine wave inverter and also uses less power

The capacity is 800w

Lin Technologies Private Limited is one of the leading companies that deals with solar-powered electronic products.

Flinslim lite solar hybrid inverter

This is a pure sine wave hybrid inverter. With 93% peak efficiency, this could very well be India’s most efficient inverter.

It’s easy to install this inverter as it features a slim design. Also has an inbuilt module for solar charge conversions.

One of the biggest features may be that because it doesn’t require power from line, it can power the house with solar power itself.

There are several features with the solar charge controller which help us get the most power.

In addition to this whenever there’s a power cut off the inverter automatically switches power supply from battery.

This auto switch function happens in the blink of an eye.

Input voltage for devices like laptop computer, audio visual devices are all powered without any problem.

You can an lcd screen to toggle through menu options and customize the whole thing as per your preferences and charging current.

The well designed inverter employs a hybrid power system with a backup solution.

Microtek 725 model

It’s a tiny inverter that meets the small power requirements of your house. 

If you only need the power for a few fans, tv and others, microtek might be the best choice. It’s a 725va 12 v model with pure sine wave inversion which means it’s completely noiseless in performance.

Equipped with Intelli Battery gravity management which allows for it to charge itself quite quickly. The batteries charge quickly and that means it provides long life and still longer backups.

There are two different charging modes with the standard 10 amps and the fast charging 14 amps. With PWM there’s multi stage charging which means the battery attains full capacity very soon.

You can also bypass the inverter to charge battery quickly. With operations at 100v or less or even at 300 v or high this is one of the best inverters to have for small requirements.

To sum up 

Its 725 va pure sine wave inverter

Weights 9 kg or more

Efficiency at most is 80%

The backup time is low at 5 hours.It has two years aarant

D) – 37.2 x 19.8 x 39.2 cm

It has 2-years onsite warranty

Luminous cruze

If yours is a big home ith many family members then Luminous Cruz is the ideal fit for your needs. The inverter battery is between 2kbva to 10kva. 

You can also run ac with it.

The battery provides protection for sensitive components.

The switcher is quick too; it’s an inverter that can power every inch of the house. That’s the reason it’s the best option for you.

It’s a pure sine wave inverter that operates between 100 to 285 v

Autation inversions

High efficiency at 94%

The chage time is between 10 to 12 hours

Wegiths 17 kg kg

The back up time is high at 8 hours or more

Comes with 2 years of warranty

There are several things we loved about the product

Has quick battery charging

Indicator to show level of charging and battery level

Protects sensitive devices

There‘S emergency power off with overloading handing

How is an inverter different from UPS?

Inverters don’t take signals from batteries and don’t control when the power charge should be switched off.

UPS includes a battery inverter charger. Ups powers the device when the power goes off.

device when the main power fails while the inverter converts unidirectional to bidirectional current.

2. How to select what size of the inverter suits my requirements?

To select the size of the inverter, you require to add up all the power rating of the appliances that work on the inverter and buy the next large proportion of the inverter. However, the inverter will consume more power than required.

3. How much power will the inverter draw when not in use?

The inverter will draw power from the batteries when they are not in use while eight to ten percent power is required to run an inverter. When no load is attached to the inverter, it draws 1 amp per hour. Off the inverter when it is not necessary as the battery drain becomes zero.

4. What is the normal life of the inverter battery?

Though there is no concrete answer to this question, we found that the tubular batteries have prolonged life as compared to other types of batteries.

In the tubular batteries, lead acid tubes are used, which results in the faster charging and the longer life. Tubes are used purposefully to avoid shedding and corrosion. Also, they are durable and tough enough to sustain in a challenging environment.

Exide Invago Tubular batteries can be a good option for various inverters, and they are known to last for 7 to 8 years.

5. How to take care of home inverter?

Installing the best inverter is not enough to get an uninterrupted power supply. But taking proper care of an inverter is a must think to keep it in good conditions and enhance its durability.

Adequate loading – Never overload. It will harm the performance of an inverter and batteries. Home appliances like drilling machines, microwave oven, etc. require high starting load, so avoid connecting such appliances to an inverter.

Use CLF & LED lighting – Nowadays you can get low wattage CFLs which give high performance. Replacing conventional lights with LED lighting will help to inverter and batteries perform longer. Though CFL and LED lights are expensive than conventional lights, the savings on energy bills of both will compensate in the long run.

Proper wiring – Leak proof wiring is a key to better performance for inverter & battery. It is a safe and cost saving to have separate wiring for inverter rather than connecting to the main switch on power failure.

Maintaining and taking care of the battery.

6. How to take care of the inverter battery?

While using the inverter, taking care of batteries become a must for enhancing the life of batteries and inverter. Here are few tips to help you care for inverter batteries –

Choose the well-ventilated area in the home for inverter installation. It will reduce the battery heating to a certain extent.

Use a charged battery frequently. Whether you experience the power cut or not, discharge the battery regularly and recharge again.

Pay attention to the battery terminals and keep them rust and corrosion free.

Keep the battery clean and dry. Use cotton to cloth to remove the dust from the top surface and side of the battery.

Keep the battery at well-ventilated but at the safe place, especially away from the children’s reach.

Inspect your battery regularly and replace the damaged or dead battery with a new one.

7. Can air conditioner run on an inverter?

Usually, people do not run the air conditioner using an inverter. But with using the right battery and a better inverter, running an air conditioner can be certainly possible.

The air conditioner uses high power and for the same reason if you use a good battery with large storage capacity that can handle high startup load, then it can run an air conditioner.

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