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June 11, 2020

Best Inverter battery in India JULY 2020

Most of the middle class homes in India possess an inverter. The reason? Power supply in India fluctuates a lot and there’s no hope or reason to it. You may get power one day and not the next day.

That makes an inverter a must-have essential in life if you want some peace.

With inverters, there’s little need for you to worry about power cuts. Inverters offer near-instantaneous power supply back to you as soon as there’s a power cut off.

However, the life of an inverter, how long it lasts and other things are dependent on the battery you use along with it.

We will also look into which ah batteries are the most apt for your needs in India.

Luminous RC 18000 15ah battery

The luminous RC 18000 is our top choice in India. Luminous as a brand is known throughout India for its best-quality products and superior design. The RC 18000 is no different and offers plenty of features.

With the patented alloy composition inside, you can be rest assured that the battery doesn’t corrode any time soon.

There are multiple features we loved about it.


The battery charges much quickly compared to similarly priced products

It doesn’t corrode or go out of use quickly.

Coupled with tubular technology the battery lasts for a pretty long time.

With plastic sealing the contents inside are secure

The alloy used uses low amount of antimony and the special allow doesn’t allow for quick corrosion

Maximum load is 685 watts


Might not be suitable for running power-hungry appliances

Here’s the link with the trolley.

Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

You might have seen Amaron’s advertisements on tv. They’re fun and quirky. Amaron as a brand produces some of the best quality tubular inverter batteries. The 150ah variant means they last longer when put in constant use.

And can meet the needs most resource hungry applications at home as well.

The batteries are compatible with most inverters available in the market or even custom-made ones.

Here’s what we like:


  • When you purchase the battery you will find it in charged condition
  • The battery has low lead reserve.
  • The battery doesn’t require high maintenance.
  • In india its generally hot and while other batteries may find the temperature too high for their tastes that’s not really the case with these.


  • With the old battery the water level quickly drops and need to be checked and corrected regularly.

The product weighs around 60kg and has the following dimensions

40 X 19 X 50.5 cm

Here’s the purchase link on Amazon.

Exide battery

With the exide’s cheaper and low capacity model you have a 12 v battery that just weighs 9kg The product is low weight and finds applications as small UPS, solar and lab battery.

There are several features for this low power battery that you might want:


The inverter battery is light-weight and can be easily carried around by a single person unlike other batteries that weigh 60kg or more

With the low power it means you can use it to store power from solar panels.

As it turns out that’s one of the most popular applications of this battery.


The warranty doesn’t apply to the battery but only to exide ups.

Exide 150 Ah New Insta Brite Battery 

The new 150 Ah battery is one of the best available in India. The advanced hybrid technology means the battery performs even at high temperatures. With hybrid alloy there’s significant reduction in water loss.

In addition, there’s dual plate separation meaning the battery doesn’t go out of use or fail easily.

There are multiple features you might like about this:


Maintenace is realtively easy becaue it has a float on top with green and red labelling.

If the water level falls the float goes to red and that means you need to add water.

Molded handles mean the battery doesn’t berak easily

There are guards at the top that prevent problems

There’s no surface leakage

It’s easy to carry around and comes with one of the longest warranties as well as a support system that takes and replaces the battery no questions asked. Here’s the link on Amazon.

How to determine your inverter battery?

When you choose an inverter battery, its capacity should be directly proportional to your everyday needs in the house.

What’s battery capacity.

It’s a simply formula. Multiply the wattage requirement into hours by battery voltage.

Based on the appliances, fans or other equipment this varies from place to place.

Here’s what to consider additionally

The name of the brand

The cost

The battery capacity

Reviews on perforamcne

Whether it can hold the inverter

Warranty and so on.

How many types of Inverter Battery are there

THere are quite a few types of batteries available for storage including the newly released lithium type batteries but they’re not readily available in India. And the cost of import is prohibitively high.

For our purposes there are three types

1. Lead Acid Battery Lead acid flate plate

The most commonly used batteries use lead acid.

There’s an acid and lead plates are dipped in this acid. The reaction between the two results in free flow of ions. The batteries last around 3 to 4 years. You can stretch it one more year but that won’t be necessary.

You need to check the water level regularly to understand if the water level’s dropping too low.

Also regular maintenance is key to maintaining the battery at peak performace all year round.

Gel Battery

The next type is gel battery that doesn’t require acid so there’s no maintanecne required. It uses a gel and an absorbetn glass mat is sealed. These batteries have a shorter lifespan and are much more expensive.

3. Tubular Battery Amaron Inverter 150Ah Tall Tubular Battery

Tubular battery possseses a more coplex design and has a much more longer battery life and efficeintcy

That makes it one of the most expensive batteries in the list.

The battery however is worth the money you spend.

These are some of the most important things you should know when it comes to purchasing and using an inverter battery.

Here are answers to some of the most important questions around inverter batteries. Read through them and find out if there’s something persistently nagging on your mind.

FAQ questions around inverter batteries

1. Do the inverters come with batteries?

No the inverters don’t really come with batteries at all. You purchase the two seprately. Sme inverter manufactures also make batteris. But the two are separated and provided in two packages

2. Can I use the battery for solar charging?

Ah the answer is not straightforward. Beause most batteries aren’t designed to take in dc power. See the power coming from an ac panel is dc and needs to be changed to ac with a solar inverter before putting it inside an inverter. And even then most batteries don’t support that power.

3. How will I know if my inverter battery is fully charged?

Most inverters have a display system that sometimes indiacate that the module is fully charged. There are also overcharge proteciton built in and sometimes with alarmts.

4. Who does the installation of the inverter?

Sometimes companies offer installation aong with the warranty. Other times you need to insntall on your onw by calling the local installation.

5. What is “hassle-free water level”?

The hassle free water indicates the level of water in the battery and measures how long you have before refill.

6. Do inverters stabilize high voltage fluctuation?

Inverters don’t really stabilize your power. If you need to stabilize voltage function a voltage stabilizer is your best bet.

7. The inverter makes a sound whenever it is in use. Is this normal?

Inverter makes sound when power goes off and when power comes back up. Also inverters have a low hum on a consistent constant basis. The unusual sound that it makes is sign that the inverter is working and converting voltage into storage. Any other sounds are problematic.

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