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May 1, 2018
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Best budget in ear headphones 2018

Most of the headphones listed below are under $100 and providing a great auditory experience.

Quality and price don’t always go hand in hand.

The market is flooded with cheap replicas and outstandingly bad in ear headphones that decidedly drown your money.

All in ear headphones work well for sometime until the inevitable happens. The give way to disrepair in a few weeks or months.

Instead purchasing a quality product ensures that you don’t lose out on money.

SoundMagic E80

A premier quality product at rockbottom price.

The e80 is priced a little higher. It has also got a brother the e50 which is priced considerably lower.

Despite the price differences neither of the iterations have compromised on quality.

Inside the package you will find a small hardcase that acts as protective pouch for carrying the earbuds around, dozens of eartips and a shirt clip.

Constructed in aluminium there are no cheap plastic parts that break off and go away easily. The metallic design ensures great output noise fidelity coupled by durability of the buds.

RHA MA 350

The RHA MA 350 is another great in-ear headphone.

Priced affordably, it offers more than one reason for purchase.

The design is great in sleek black punctuated by silver. You feel as if you’re holding something delicate and precious in your hands.

Inside the package you will find a pair of ear tips to accompany headphone use.

Here are the technical specifications:

There are 10mm drivers inside the ear buds and they provide a frequency ranging from 18 to 22 Hz.

Built completely in Aluminium and supported by Nylon cables, you have the assurance that the headphones will last a long time before going wary.


MEE Audio M6 Pro

The unique design of MEE M6 sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Not only is this a budget headphone but it also looks great. The wires can be detached from the earbuds and the special construction allows it to be put back up.

The package consists of the earbuds followed by ear tips and a carry pouch that acts as a protective case.

That’s the standard issue in most headphone packages. But MEE M6 also comes with an adapter.

It provides a comfort fit to the ears.

On to the technical end, the specifications are 16 Ohms of Impedance and a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz.

Senso Activ Buds

Senso Activ Buds are next in the list of affordable but high quality headphones.

They are water proof with Ipx7 rating.

Great design underscores great functionality for these headphones.

There’s an internal battery that has a capacity of 80mAh providing power up to 8 hours for which the headphones remain operational.

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