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Best acs air conditioners in India 2020

With the summer heat upon us, people are scrambling for ways that keep them cool with the hot sun over their heads. A popular option in and around the country are air conditioners.

In this post we’re going to take a look at several air conditioners or acs as they’re known in India and see which ones fit the bill for us.

The first one in our list is LG’s 1.5 ton 5 star ac

LG 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter AC – LS-Q18YNZA

LG has captured the heart and soul of India by manufacturing such durables that no other brand has been able to.

The reputation is great and true to that the brand has been able to come to the fore with high-quality products bar none.

When it comes to expensive appliances like acs Indians prefer a brand they can rely on. With LG having proved its mettle over the years the brand is something you can rely on.

Here are some of the great features of the brand;

The AC is split ac and employs an inverter compressor that saves power

Comes with a 1. Ton capacity

Is rated 5 star for energy savings

Has a dual inverter

Comes with a high quality r32 coolant inside

One year for product overalls. Tend for condenser and compressor.

With a  dual inverter system most problems that you normally find on other acs like bad cooling or too much noise go out of the window. As a result the ac works fast and quite efficiently.

Have you ever imagined owning an ac where you get automatic protection from mosquitoes as well. With the TUV nord technology this ac does just that. And no not by burning coils or releasing harmful chemicals. But by using ultrasound 

This mosquito away technology releases ultrasound waves in the air that easily repel all kinds of mosquitoes big and small. The way this works is reduce the mosquito’s ability to smell carbon monoxide or dioxide which is how it senses where hot blooded humans are.

This means mosquitoes go away without anyone chasing them.

Another standout feature that differentiates it from all other acs is the Himalaya cooling technology present with the ac. This saves 26% of energy. There’s also the monsoon comfort feature that controls air and humidity along with the room temperature inside the room.

This saves energy.

The ionizer feature sterilizes and removes the harmful bacteria present inside making it a safe environment inside your home.

With the ocean black fin tech, you are protected against extreme weather. The condenser is present on the surface of the heat exchanger protecting the ac.

You can also control the power levels depending on your needs. This saves power.

Such features help you save money and life.


The dual inverter makes minimum noise, quality air cooling

There’s also ocean fin technology that extends ac life

Ten year warranty on compressor and condenser.

There’s a 4-1 cooling support

Saves power

Carrier 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – CAI18EK5R39F0

Carrier is a globally known brand that delivers the best possible performance. The ac is good known brand and is one of the best among the 1.5 ton split ac category.

It has an inverter compressor

There’s 1. Ton full capacity

comes with 5 star rating that saves power

 Consists of full copper condenser coil that optimizes efficiency.

There’s also a dehumidifier and dust filter present inside

One year warranty on product and condenser

Ten years on the compressor.

The appliance has something called the flexi cool hybrid tech under the hoods.

What this means is it keeps you cool. There are four modes that alter power consumption. The different modes use 100% 75% or 50% of operating power while keeping the room cool.

The sensors work by looking at the external temperature and selecting the correct mode.

If you’re coming right from the heat the free running mode at 100% is best.

If the temperature is moderate ac automatically runs at 75% capacity.

Slowly it goes to 50%

This saves electricity.

The ac works no matter how high the outside temperature is. Even at 55 degree celsius the ac will work. There’s also stabilizer that can tide past most power fluctuations.

This works without giving you much trouble.

The design is good looking while delivering great world-class performance that none can match.

The performance is great

The design s great

No need for external stabilizers

Is also energy efficient as well.

No copper pipe

LG 1.5 Ton, 5-Star Dual Inverter, Split AC KS-Q18HNZD

Here is another LG model that is still a 1.5 ton model but comes with power saving features.

It’s also a  star ac that raises the bar on what an ac can achieve.

The ac is a split ac with lots of capacity

It’s a 1.5 ton model

The inverter is dual with compressor

There’s copper module with ocean black protection.

The appliance is also environmentally safe.

1 year warranty on product

10 years on compressor along with gas charging.

LG doesn’t really make any shortfalls on quality. That’s a good reason behind the trust the appliance enjoys in the country. This model is energy saving and comes with dual cool tech that bid goodbye to hot and heat.

The LG acs made of copper coils include the ocean black protection which means even the humid air full of elements doesn’t corrode the inner linings of the ac.

There’s also the gold fin condenser that can weather harsh nature and rain.

LG acs support cooling score of 5 that the ac cools room no matter how high the temperature surroundings are.

The r32 coolant is also environment friendly. The quality that it offers is bar none.

The copper tubes improve durability. There’s this active energy control feature built inside that reduces overall power consumption and saves energy bills by 57%

The lg ac also automatically tells you when the time is for refilling the coolant. The comfort inside can be felt with Monsoon even when it raining outside.

WIth the compatibility associated with Smart ThinQ app there’s smart diagnosis on offer for everything that can go wrong with the ac.

The room is comfortable.


5 star c

Stabilizer less operationWorks for all kinds of houses.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC – FTKG50TV

Daikin is one of the most notable brands in the country. They offer great service and quality products that have no real equal.

Daikin’s ac models work on Neo Swing Compressor technology. That means they move smoothly and there’s little to no vibration in their operation. That means this ac is one of the quietest models you can find. Also the way this model is constructed there’s very little leakage of refrigerants, meaning very little need to replace this often.

With the econo power saving mode the mode limits power consumption and saves you electricity bills.

There are other electrical devices running on a shared circuit resulting in much greater power savings than otherwise. You have a 5 star rating on the model.

There’s also a complete power chill model which works like the quick freeze option in fridges. This cools your room no matter how tough or high the ambient temperature inside is.

The daikin ac has an indoor unit that ensures that the airflow is optimized. This provides more comfort to you.

Another notable and worthy feature is the stabilizer inside. This stabilizer can handle a good load of voltage changes. So that means this completely eliminates the need for the presence of any other stabilizer.

The model operates silently and is powerful.

Has energy saving modules

In built stabilizers

No manual control option other than remote.

Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5-Star Inverter Split AC –RSB518HBEAZ

Hitachi is one of the biggest names of acs in the country. With the reputation for great products the features are better than most models.

Here are the list of features

Split ac mode

1.5 ton capacity of ac

5 star rating

Copper condenser coils

One year of warranty. Controller warranty 5 years and compressor 10 years.

Hitachi is particularly efficient not only at cooling the inside of the room but also removing all the bad smells and persistent odours. How it does this is by using a wide angle deflector for the blade.

The bad odour is removed and the coil is maintained dry as a result. This gives much better performance.

The inverter compressor is a blessing because it exhibits silent performance, saves electricity and what not.

The condenser coil is particularly powerful cause it results in even heat distribution. Copper doesn’t rust. That’s why there’s zero maintenance cost.

The r410 is slightly below R32 but still ecologically friendly.


The wide angle deflector spreads cool air everywhere

High quality compressor

ENnergy saving

Low maintenance

Installation may require more money.

Toshiba 1.5 ton 5 star inverter compressor ac

The inverter compressor ac from Toshiba is another cool model that sports a variable speed compressor based on the heat.

It’s energy efficient and among all the acs compared here outputs the lowest decibels of noise.

The capacity of cooling is 1.5 ton and the ac is great for medium rooms

The annual energy consumed doesn’t go beyond 705 units.

There’s a 1 year manufacturer warranty and 1 year on condenser with 5 years on compressor warranty.

The copper condenser coil offers better cooling and works with very low maintenance.

The refrigerant gas at R32 is environment friendly and doesn’t cause pollution.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC – NU18WKYW

Panasonic is a well known brand that produces a number of consumer electronics WIth its foray into the Indian market, Panasonic is also producing quality acs. The advantage with the ac is that it fits Indian conditions on use.

IIt works on wi fi and sports abilities to be controlled by voice alone.

It sports a 1.5 ton capacity

COmes with 5 star ratings

There’s also a copper condenser coil inside

Uses the R32 refrigerant that doesn’t cause ozone depletion.

There’s a one year warranty on the product 10 years on the compressor.

The inverter compressor works on choosing a speed based on ambient temperature. That means only required power is used and not more.

This saves power.

The ac compressor also has a power adjusting feature that also controls power by load. The ac performs noiselessly most of the time.

The ac supports 1.5 tons and cools a medium room size of 150 square feet with relative ease. Rated 4.7 star this consumes 840 units annually.

These copper condenser coils are rust free and pack a great deal of performance keeping the area cool.

The ac also has a wi-fi mode that ensures high cooling and noiseless operation. The ac provides the best deal of comfort.

The compressor delivers excellent cooling all around at 52 degree celsius even.

There’s an air filter that removes bacteria and suspended dust particles cleaning the air as you use the ac.

There’s also a stabilizer function that prevents extreme voltage fluctuations and takes care of the ac and protects it against them.

The r32 refrigerant ensures that the ac is environment friendly and doesn’t pollute the atmosphere.

There are several great features including that fact that you can control bu=y voice

There’s a good stabilizer built inside

The compressor is great

 The ac is energy efficient

Toshiba 1.5 Ton 4-star Inverter Split AC – 18BACV-IN

Toshiba is a Japanese company known for its high-quality performance. It’s a brand you can completely trust as it comes with a number of features that can help.

For instance the ac is composed of an inverter compressor that saves power. The total capacity is 1.5 to

There’s 4 star energy rating

Comes with copper condenser coil

Has a full working dust filter

There’s a one year warranty on product and 5 years on the compressor.

The inverter uses an advanced technique called the pulse amplitude and pulse width modulation which according to my engineering studies helps better modulate waves. For you that means your room cools faster than others

The ac also sports self cleaning meaning if you shut down the ac and run it on fan mode for 20 minutes, that means zero dust gets collected on the unit. This keeps your air dust and smell free.

This Purifies the air you’re going to breathe quite well.

The aqua resin coated coil improves the life of the appliance.

How? By removing all elements like oil, collected moisture and the dirt that keeps accruing. That means everytime you breathe, you take in pure good air.

The inverter compressor helps you save power bills. Also the compressor ensures that the appliance gives you a 100% noiseless operation. This cools rooms quicker.

There’s also a fan coil that’s bigger than most.

The Blades reduce the load that the ac has to carry on its own. Courtesy of the reduced load, the sound generated is the least and the durability the highest. This gives a lot of comfort. The ac is one of the best you can buy.

Great cooling

Small size and hence occupies less space

Good airflow

Silent operation

Lacks stabilizer

Installation costs are high because of no copper pipes

Great performance

It’s also one of the acs that is under 40000 and yet performs really well.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3-star Inverter Split AC – 183VCZJ

The ac from voltas is one of the indigenous Indian brands. It has been manufacturing acs from the past several years and they have gotten quite good at it.

It comes with great design that helps it thrive under Indian weather conditions.

necessary for delivering high-quality performance.

It’s a split ac perfect for Indian conditions that comes with an inverter compressor

The capacity is over 1.5 ton

The energy rating is 3 star meaning some power is saved

Comes with copper condenser coils

Has LED display

Here’s one year warranty on product

5 years on compressor

The dc inverter gets you the best quality performance.

The dc inverter gets you the best performance for very low power consumption.

The technology reduces power consumption while keeping the compressor on.

The ambient cooling keeps the ac temperature according to the temperature of the room. So you’re no cool no matter what.

The ac doesn’t require a stabilizer and that’s great because of the onslaught of current problems we face in our day to day lives.

The copper condenser coils are a great feature in this and any ac because that simply improves the life of the ac to a ton. The active dehumidifier senses the humidity levels during rainy monsoon months and packs in enough changes accordingly.

There’s the R32 refrigerant inside that prevents air pollution and purifies the air.The filter that this is equipped with eliminates harmful level of smells and enhances the level of comfort you’re feeling.

The filters purify the air.

One big highlight of the ac is the low torque control that provides temperature control. This save power bills the filtration process clears dust and other smells from the air.

The 4 way auto louvres suck in pure good air.

It’s an appliance built with the Indian atmosphere in mind.

The performance is great

Doesn’t produce much noise

The air flow is great across room

The ac is perfect.

Sanyo 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC – 15T5SCIA

Sanyo is another Japanese biggie that’s known for its high quality technology. The ac that it manufactures is well suited for Indian conditions. The company has a great experience of producing durables fitting the Indian climate. The ac has a number of great features coupled with low pricing.

That’s why if you want an ac in India under 35000 rupees go for this model.

Here are the distinct feature

It’s a split ac that comes with an inverter compressor

The capacity is for 1.5 ton

There’s 5 star rating on the ac

The ac has copper condenser coils

There’s a year of warranty on the product

There’s 5 year warranty on compressor.

From the past 70 years Sanyo has held its front on all kinds of appliance manufacturing and especially acs. The acs all sport inverter technology, they have dust and pm2.5 filters and other great features.

The dual inverter tech means there are two independent motors in the compressor for quick cooling. This gives high comfort while you’re not footingn higher electriat 

The glacier mode delivers faster room cooling by improving fan speeds

There’s also the auto restart option that gives an option to resume the ac at the exact point it went off.

The self diagnosis feature senses ambient temperature delivering great performance even at low powers. The sleep functionality tends to give you comfortable sleep through night and the ac uses R32 cooling agent that’s ecologically friendly as it doesn’t harm the ozone layer.

There’s a temperature display setting along with timer.


The appliance looks good and complements its looks by great performance

Value for money

In built air filters improve indoor air quality

Whirlpool 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC, MAGICOOL PRO 55

Whirlpool is a manufacturer of high quality washing machines and also of high quality acs.

That’s why it’s hard to associate the brand with the refrigerators or with acs. But for your benefit they manufacture quality acs as well.

The ac is a split ac with 1.5 ton capacity. There’s what you call 6th sense cooling technology behind the hood and intellisense inverter.

There’s no need of external stabilizer. There’s a years worth of warranty on product and 10 years on compressor.

The machines perform well under all circumstances and in all sweltering heat you can rely on these machines.

With 6th sense fast cool and uniform cooling it’s something to have in every home. The intellisense inverter adjusts cooling requirements and reduces the amount of electrical units consumed.

The power consumption that’s why is super low.

The compressor also uses mpfi tech that means there’s small circuits and capillary design to boast of.

The multi port fluid technology uses 4 by 4 evaporator to facilitate rapid heat transfer.

The ac uses an inbuilt stabilizer and that supports ac functioning in high voltage fluctuations no matter what the load is.

There’s also a separate sleep module

Reliable brand

Good cooling

Self diagnosis


AmazonBasics 1.5-ton 5-star Inverter Split AC

This is an Amazon basics brand courtesy of the huge popularity amazon enjoys in the retail space. It’s a successful durable brand and is one of those low budget acs that’s priced evenly under Rs 30000.

It’s a pretty successful brand as well.

The ac is a split ac with inverter compressor

Has 1.5 ton capacity sports 5 star rating, features copper condenser coils that are great

There’s a 4 stage filtration system that removes bad dust and smells.

With a 5 star bee rating the inverter saves you money on current bills.

The performance highlight is the good airflow that reaches everywhere in the house.

The filtration unit sports antibacterial linings and keeps the air clean and sterile.

The modules save energy by controlling fan speeds as necessary.

The AC panel comes with a hidden temperature display that can be switched off when not required to deliver a disturbance-free experience. The AC comes with a Sleep Mode option that maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the night to enhance your comfort levels.

The Blue Fin coating protects the vital components of the AC from corrosion. Thus, your AC turns out to be a durable one capable of handling extreme weather conditions.

The AC features copper condenser coils to enhance its lifespan while ensuring to deliver tremendous performance at the same time.

The Anti-fungal function enables the motor to run for an additional 40 seconds after switching off the AC. It ensures to clean the water from the evaporator coils, thereby reducing the chances of corrosion.


Anti-bacterial filters to improve the quality of air

Enhanced airflow to all the corners of the room

Specific features that reduce the effects of corrosion

Excellent performance with low noise levels


Customer support is one area where the company should improve

A new brand, and hence does not have the brand reputation

Best AC in India 2020 – Buying Guide

What is the difference between a computer and an air conditioner? A computer requires ‘Windows’ to be open for effective functioning whereas the AC needs the windows to be shut. Having begun on a lighter note, we shall dig deep and look at the various aspects that you should understand while installing air conditioners in your homes and offices.

With the increase in the demand for AC units, you have more brands of air conditioners in the market. The awareness levels among people have increased as well. But, still, you need to be aware of various features before investing in the right AC for your homes. This buying guide aims to make things easy for you.

Working of the air conditioner

There are two explanations for the working of the air conditioner. One is the scientific explanation whereas the other one is a simpler one that could be understood by all. We shall begin with the simpler one.

Heat and cold are synonymous with each other. The absence of heat is cold and vice versa. The AC works on a similar principle. It removes the heat from inside the rooms. Thus, you experience the rooms getting cooler.

Does this not bust one of the biggest myths that air conditioners generate cooling? No, they do not do that. They eliminate the heat thereby cooling the rooms

Refrigeration Cycle: 1) Condensing Coil, 2) Expansion Valve, 3) Evaporator Coil, 4) Compressor

We now come to the scientific explanation of how Ac units work. Basically, the air conditioner works on the three principles of evaporation, condensation, and compression. We shall look into these processes in brief to get a fair idea.

1. Every AC unit has a refrigerant gas (we shall speak about this gas later in the article). The first step in the working of the AC is the compression of this refrigerant gas. When you compress a gas, it turns into a high-pressure hot liquid.

2. This hot liquid then flows through the condenser coils where the heat escapes while cooling the liquid. But, the liquid is still under high pressure.

3. The expansion valve comes into play by converting the high-pressure liquid into a low-pressure one.

4. This low-pressure liquid flows through the evaporator coils of the AC. In doing so, it absorbs the heat from the room. This heat converts the liquid into gas once again. As the process of absorption of heat goes on, you experience cooling of the room. Now, you have to ensure that you do not increase the existing heat in the room. This explains why you should shut the windows. We had spoken about this fact in the initial parts of this article.

5. We are now again back to square one. The refrigerant gas comes back into its original form. The process keeps on repeating continuously.

You have different kinds of AC units. In a single-unit window AC, the compressor, condenser, and the evaporator are located in a single unit. In case of a split AC unit, you have the compressor and the condenser situated in the outdoor unit whereas the indoor unit comprises of the evaporator coils.

Size of the AC – Select the right Tonnage

Various factors go into the selection of the right size of the AC. Let us look at all of them in brief.

1. City where you live: The climate of the city where you live is important because you need air conditioners of higher capacities when the outdoor temperature increases. For example, the summers in Delhi can see temperatures touching 45 degrees Centigrade whereas it would hover around the 38 to 40-degree mark in a city like Chennai at the same time.

2. The area and the volume of the room where you install the AC are very important.

3. The location of the room is vital because a lot depends the rooms can get hotter if the ceiling gets direct sunlight from the top during the d

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